A new scam targeting Aussies is doing the rounds through email.

This week, email security software company MailGuard shared emails, posing as emails from Australian government agency MyGov.

The subject line of the email lures victims by offering ‘outstanding refunds’ and upon opening, the body of the email addresses the ‘customers,’ and goes on tell the reader they have an outstanding refund of $640.98 available from MyGov.

Thing is, although it seems like it’s from MyGov, the sender’s address does not match the official Government site’s real address –  a huge smoking gun that something isn’t right.

A link to accept payment is provided, which takes the victim to a fake login page where they are prompted to enter their username and password:

Victims are then asked to provide their full name, address, phone number, credit card information and CVV number:

They are then asked to enter a code allegedly sent through to their mobile – codes are typically used to verify credit card payments:

Anyone who receives the suspicious email is urged not to supply any personal information, or face losing their personal data to cyber criminals on the dark web.

MyGov said they would never send a hyperlink requesting data through email or SMS.

“MyGov is delivered by Services Australia,” the government agency said. “Always access MyGov by typing in the web address yourself.”

“Services Australia and MyGov will never send you an email or text message asking for your username, password, MyGov PIN, secret questions and answers, personal details.”

They said any messages in your MyGov inbox, once you are signed-in to your account, are secure.

“It’s safe to open links included in MyGov Inbox messages.”

MailGuard said anyone who receives the suspicious email should delete it immediately without clicking on the links.

Anyone who is concerned by potential scam emails can speak to MailGuard on 1300 30 44 30.