A Sydney council is threatening not to collect household bins featuring anti-Morrison stickers. 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Hornsby Shire Council has warned residents that their bins may not be collected, or would be removed entirely, if the stickers – featuring images of Barnaby Joyce and Scott Morrison holding a piece of coal – were not removed.

The council mayor – NSW Liberal Party president and former Minister in the Howard government, Philip Ruddock – explained, “Political advertising should not be undertaken except when there’s an election on, and there’s no election on yet. [Also] we don’t believe they should do it on council property.”

An Asquith resident told the publication that after putting the stickers on his bin, he received a letter saying they obscured the council’s logo, and that political messages should not be printed on council property.

He was instructed to remove the stickers or “risk council’s collection contractor not servicing your bins as they cannot identify council’s logo on the bin”.


A Hornsby Shire Council spokesperson explained that it does not allow unauthorised signage on its property, and would act on complaints from the community.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald)

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