A man has been elected mayor of Palmhurst Texas, but there’s one a catch – he’s dead.

Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez Jr., 68, died in early April but his name remained on the ballot over the weekend, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Texas law states if a deceased candidate’s name has been certified by the Secretary of State for placement on the ballot, then it can’t be removed without their authorisation.

Now, Palmhurst, a small town of 2,700 people, will hold a special election for a new mayor in the coming weeks.

In Saturday’s election, Rodriguez earned more votes than challenger Israel Silva — 320 to 234.

U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar of Laredo announced the mayor’s death in a Facebook post on April 6.


“It is with an especially heavy heart that I write to convey my deepest sympathy and most sincere condolences for the passing of Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez. Mayor Rodriguez served South Texas with pride and dignity during his many years of service as Mayor of Palmhurst. He was known as a passionate public servant and was a pillar of the community. His contributions will always be remembered,” he said.

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