Residents of the inner west suburb of Summer Hill were left shocked after spotting a small shark street on Friday.

While many were unsure of how the shark found its way on a suburban street, others suggested that it may have got lost and ended up in the Inner West waterways before making its way onto the street.

After being posted on Reddit, some assumed the image was fake. However, its legitimacy was backed up by other residents sharing different pictures of the shark online.

“It was seriously bucketing with rain and the streets looked liked rivers at 3pm but a shark,” one person tweeted.

“It must have got washed up into the canal which flooded out onto the road. A win for how clean Iron Cove Bay must be to have sharks in it.”

Another added, “I’m guessing this is probably down around the Cooks River part of Marrickville as that does tend to flood during heavy rain and has in fact done so already this week.”


According to Summer Hill residents on Facebook and Reddit, the shark is no longer there.