When you think ‘Jonesy’, the first things that come to mind are his lame jokes, inability to accurately tell the time, and his absolute love for his motorbikes. 

On Wednesday (15th January), Jonesy lost the saddlebags from his bike. Now, before you ask him why he doesn’t just get new ones, these mean more than any ol’ saddlebags.

These black throwover-style saddlebags were given to Jonesy from his kids for his 30th birthday, and have been through a lot (…much like its owner).

The saddlebags fell off somewhere near Fraser Motorcycles on Parramatta Road or Gipps Road in Concord. They had some wet weather gear in the lefthand bag and a helmet lock in the right. They have also got stud-looking things that go around the edge of the flaps on the bag, and a “Live to Ride” staff badge on each side.

Jonesy is desperate to get these back, and needs your help!

If you’re in the Concord, Burwood, Ashfield area, please help spread the word!

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