In a stunning turn of events, crab stick enthusiasts are renouncing their beloved seafood snack.

The reason? They’ve finally uncovered the disturbing truth behind its production.

Brace yourself, because once you know the real deal, you might just join the ranks of ex-crab stick eaters.

A viral video on YouTube has shed light on the secretive process, leaving viewers unable to erase the grisly images from their minds. Prepare yourself for the wild ride, folks.

It all starts innocently enough with some meat. But hold on to your fishing rods because it’s not the luxurious crab meat you imagined. Nope, it’s actually a species called Alaskan pollock. Disappointed yet? It gets weirder.

The frozen fish meat is thrown into a mixer and pulverised, joining forces with egg whites and wheat. After a thorough mixing session, you end up with a putty-like substance. Yummy, right?


But wait, there’s more. This gooey mixture is then fed into a contraption that spits out one long strip of “meaty material.” Picture it like a bizarre meat rope. To achieve that familiar crab or lobster texture, this strip is spun together. Voila! The magic of deception. Some parts of this peculiar creation are marketed as surimi or faux crab meat. But the real stars of the show are the crab sticks. They’re coated with an orange casing that screams “crab” or “lobster” and sold to consumers worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, the revelation has left many feeling betrayed. One outraged viewer exclaimed, “No crabs were harmed in the making of this video!” Another voiced their disgust, confessing, “I always thought this stuff was disgusting, now I KNOW it is.”

However, not everyone is losing their appetite. In a surprising twist, one viewer admitted, “Now I’m craving imitation.” Go figure!

So, it seems that even when faced with the unsavoury truth, some folks still can’t resist their favourite fishy snacks. Perhaps we should embrace the famous saying after all: “Everyone wants to eat sausages, but nobody wants to know how they get made.” Bon appétit!