Connoisseurs of everything that makes your taste buds tingle ‘Taste of Home‘ have found a recipe for making you’re own Max Brenner style Hot Chocolate Bombs and YES PLEASE!

If you’re not familiar, a Hot Chocolate Bomb is a little ball of chocolatey goodness you drop into a mug of hot milk and watch as it melts, revealing the delicious marshmallows and deliciousness hidden inside.

Via ‘I am a food blog’

People on TikTok are showing you how to make your own and they’re actually pretty simple. There’s only one piece of the puzzle you may not already own – a spherical silicone chocolate mold. Don’t stress though, you can pick them up super cheap on eBay (or duck to Spotlight, Kmart or Target, etc).

BUT HOW DO I MAKE THEM!? Slow down there tiger, Imma tell you now.

  • Start by melting your chocolate of choice in the microwave or on the stove
  • Coat the inside of your mold with a decent layer of chocolate then throw in the freezer for 15mins or so
  • Check your mold doesn’t require any reinforcement before popping it out (if it does, just add some more chocolate and pop it back in the freezer)
  • Remove the molds and fill with your preferred Hot Chocolate mix (mines the Cadbury one) and mini marshmallows
  • Once you’re satisfied with the contents of your delectable device hold an empty chocolate half against a hot pan for a couple seconds until it the edges melt, then squish it against the half you just filled sealing in the goodness
  • Smooth out the edges with left over melted chocolate and BOOM! You’re done.
  • If you want to get extra fancy you can drizzle melted white chocolate or sprinkles over the top

All you’ve gotta do now is set your out of office, find a nice quiet spot, and consume enough to make Bruce Bogtrotter jealous.