Viewers got a hilarious surprise during the first episode of the third (and final, booo) season of Derry Girls.

The show follows five Northern Irish teenagers in the 1990s, towards the end of the Northern Ireland conflict, often finding themselves in absurd situations through their misadventures in the town of Derry.

Liam Neeson – himself a Northern Irishman – who is more a movie actor, made an unexpected TV cameo playing a very deadpan Chief Constable Byers.

He’s introduced when he is questioning the girls after they attempt to break into their school to find out their exam results. As these things go, they inadvertently help a pair of thieves stage a robbery of computer equipment in the process, leading to their arrest.

The entire scene perfectly encapsulates why Derry Girls’ brand of comedy has been a hit:

UK viewers who caught it on Channel 4 absolutely loved the cameo:

‘It was hilarious, had to pause the TV a couple of times I was laughing so much.’

‘I didn’t think I could love Derry Girls more – and then, there was Liam Neeson!’

‘Absolutely fabulous with Liam being the icing on the cake. Brilliant!’

In Australia, Derry Girls streams on Netflix.