OK, so not all bands manage to get fully established on their first try, right?

Case and point: this amazing footage of a brand-new band called AC/DC performing their debut single, ‘Can I Sit Next to You, Girl’ in 1974.

Other than our Angus nailing down his schoolboy look from the start; this cracker throwback is all kinds of yeah nah, and we’re forever thankful the band since made a couple of minor tweaks.

One of course was the sheer amount of bright sequins, ruffles and man-made, non-breathable fabrics. Just one rogue match, flicked ciggie (or the right amount of thigh-chafe) would be all it would take to have the whole set go up in flames.

The other is frontman Dave Evans, who was replaced quick-sticks when Bon Scott arrived on the scene that same year.

Former AC/DC manager Michael Browning wrote in his memoir Dog Eat Dog: “No disrespect to Dave, but they wouldn’t have made it with him as singer. He could sing OK, but he didn’t have the character Bon brought into the band. The character, the sense of humour, the swagger. They were never going to go as far as they went with Dave out front. Bon was the real deal.”

Shortly after this clip, the band made some changes that ended up changing their whole trajectory – had they stayed with their glam look and softer brand of music, they wouldn’t be the iconic AC/DC we know today.