Discussions between Perth Zoo and the WA Museum are reportedly underway over the most respectful way to honour Tricia the elephant.

The much-loved animal, one of the oldest-known elephants in the world, died peacefully at Perth Zoo overnight after a final bout of illness.

Tricia had been an icon of the zoo in Perth for 60 years.

Perth Zoo executive director Wendy Attenborough told The West Australian the talks were to “ensure that Tricia can continue to be an extraordinary ambassador for her species just as she was in life”.

“They’ll be keeping her in a safe space for a little while and then we’ll have some really respectful conversations when the time is right about how to appropriately recognise her legacy,” she said.

Tricia recently suffered a decline in her health – including sleep and mobility issues – and died surrounded by her zoo carers in her night quarters.

A special memorial walk will open at Perth Zoo on Sunday so the public can pay their respects.

There are also plans for a permanent memorial.