Officers from the Lincoln Animal Control in Nebraska saved an unlucky skunk that somehow managed to get its head stuck in a beer can recently.

They uploaded a video of the skunk rescue with the caption, “Operation: Drunk as a Skunk was successful! Just a friendly reminder to responsibly dispose of your garbage in order to not potentially harm the wildlife!”

The officers covered the skunk with a towel so they could get the can off the animal’s head.

Once the skunk was freed, you can hear an officer say, “OK, run.”

The skunk fled the scene after its noggin was released from its beer-can cage, and the officers appear to have walked away from the incident without injury — which is quite lucky as skunks are especially susceptible to rabies, according to wildlife specialists.

The officers also don’t seem to have been sprayed by the animal — which is also very lucky as skunks can spray people accurately up to 10 feet, and the fluid can cause temporary blindness for 15 minutes or longer.