A leading urologist has revealed that men are urinating in a potentially harmful way.

According to Dr Gerald Collins, a urological surgeon at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, northwest England, who conducted the study, it is better for men’s bladder health to sit down when hosing the porcelain.

Seven thousand men across 13 different countries, including Australia, were surveyed and it found that the majority of guys prefer standing while draining the main vein.

Surprisingly, it turns out that 25 per cent of Aussie blokes are sitting down every time they go for a wee, with 27 per cent ‘never’ popping a squat.

Germany has the highest number of sitters with 40 per cent, while Singapore had the least with only 5 per cent sitting.

Dr Collins’ argument for sitting rather than standing was that it’s the ‘most efficient way’ to get the job done as all the muscles in the pelvis and the spine are completely relaxed.

He went on to explain how beneficial it was for older men in particular, given that they have more issues going to the loo.