An inflation analysis on the grocery shop scene in Home Alone has gone viral for querying how much that same shopping trip cost today.

In the 1990 movie, Kevin McCallister managed to get away with spending just $20, despite walking home with bags of stuff.

The list of items included TV dinners, bread, Mac & Cheese, cling wrap, a half-gallon of milk (1.89 litres), laundry detergent, a half-gallon of OJ, toy army soldiers, and dryer sheets.

In the movie, the total cost was $19.83 (with a $1 discount coupon).

TikTokker Geoffrey Lyons figured out the cost of the same items in today’s world, doing his best to find most of the same products online, with a few substitutions for the ones he couldn’t locate.

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The total cost of those groceries in 2023 added up to a whopping $63.73. And when tax was added, the grand total soared to $68.99 – that’s 3.5 times more than what Kevin paid in 1990.

In Australian dollars, that’s $104.29.