If you’ve ever flown in a plane before, you’ll know that going Business or First Class is every person’s dream.

Better food, more foot room – heck, even a bed and personal shower on some airlines! It certainly is the way to travel.

However, not many of us can afford to fly Business or First Class and depend on a few little tricks in order to secure an upgrade.

Here’s how you can attempt to nab the flight upgrade you so deserve!

#1: Travel on your own

Those who are traveling alone have a much greater chance of getting upgraded, as one free seat in business class is more likely than two!


#2: Mention an important event or occasion

When you’re checking in, mention your recent engagement, or honeymoon. Even Aunt Pat’s 80th if you think it might help!

#3: Fly out of the busy periods

If you’re flying around Christmas or right smack bang in the middle of school holidays – forget about it. There’s no way you’ll get bumped up on a full flight.

#4: Look the part

If you are traveling alone, out of peak seaon, throw on some heels (and pack comfier shoes in your carry on) and swap your regular flying onesie for something a little more sophisticated if you really want to be bumped up to business.


#5: Fly around – a lot!

Frequent flyers have the best chance of being bumped up, so if you fly a lot for work or other reasons, try joining the loyalty club of a particular airline, or at least try to fly with them as much as you can.

#6: Offer to be bumped

Yep! Offering to be put on the standby list if your timing is flexible means that you leave the overbooked flight and can possibly negotiate to go on another flight – in a higher class of course.

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