Two Australian Open players have tested positive for coronavirus, with the reclassification of another two cases failing to free some of the 72 players confined to hard quarantine.

The two unnamed players and another person connected to the Open were among four fresh coronavirus cases reported in Victoria on Tuesday.

One is a woman in her 20s and the other two are men in their 30s.

A total of 72 players have been forced into 14 days of hard lockdown over positive tests on three charter flights to Melbourne from Abu Dhabi, Doha and Los Angeles.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton revealed two previously reported cases, a man in his 30s and another in his 50s, had been reclassified after evidence of previous infection.

It dropped the number of cases linked to the grand slam contingent to seven, with Victoria’s health department investigating if others can also be reclassified.

But the locked-down players are still unable to leave their hotel rooms for training, unlike their fellow competitors who arrived on flights with a clean bill of health.


“This does not change broader assessment of the player group in hotel quarantine,” Professor Sutton said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“As yet, none of the three affected flights have been cleared as a result of the two reclassified cases.”

Earlier, Premier Daniel Andrews indicated players could be free to practise if a case was ruled non-infectious shedding.

“If you’ve got say 30 people who are deemed a close contact because they’ve been on a plane with a case, and the case is no longer an active case but a historic shedding, well that would release those people from that hard lockdown,” he told reporters.

Professor Sutton said the virus could still be incubating in some of the 1200 people who landed in Melbourne for the Open from Thursday to Saturday.

Victoria had its 13th straight day without a locally acquired case on Tuesday, as stranded residents started to return from parts of Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains now downgraded to “orange” risk zones.



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