A woman has claimed to have found a long piece of metal inside a burger, allegedly purchased from a McDonald’s in Sydney, after biting into the food item.

Ada Teaupa took to Facebook to express her anger over the discovery after reportedly purchasing the burger from McDonald’s Cartwright, near Liverpool, in Sydney’s West.

Ms Teaupa posted an image of the metal item poking out of her chicken burger, claiming it nearly broke her tooth.

“Look what I found in the chicken and cheese!! Nearly broke my tooth!!!!! My 3-year-old niece ordered a chicken and cheese as well and thank God I didn’t give it to her yet!” the woman wrote in her post.

People in the comments were shocked by the discovery, with some even joking that she should have gone to competitor KFC instead.

“OMG it’s a good thing you found it first,” wrote one person.


“Hope you gave them an earful and more,” said another.

Ms Teaupa claims she went back to McDonald’s and they offered her a refund and a replacement burger, which she refused.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said that they would be investigating the incident.

“We’re disappointed that this happened,” the spokesperson told the publication. “We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place.

“An investigation is currently underway with the restaurant, and we encourage the customer to contact us to help us to investigate fully.”