Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison joined Jonesy & Amanda to express his deep regret for jetting off to Hawaii during the country’s devastating bushfire crisis.

“Let me be honest with people, you don’t get every decision right,” he began.

“Jenny and I, we regret that we went. Of course we wanted to go away with our family, with our kids, at that time, of course we did.”

He added, “It’s been a rough, tough year but we wish we didn’t and we’re sorry about that, and I think Australians are bighearted and when people are upfront about these things, you just move on.

“Since we’ve been back, we haven’t stopped, and we’ve been everywhere, made the decisions, we’ve put two billion dollars into bushfire recovery, we’ve set up a national agency, we’ve gone on the front foot of the Coronavirus, keeping Australians safe.

“We’re just getting on with it.”

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