Victoria’s border opened up to parts of NSW overnight under the conditions of a new ‘permit’ system to increase the ease of domestic travel.

However, the consequences of the new rules are also far pricier…

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews introduced a colour coded permit system which categories regions into different colours rating how much of a COVID-19 threat they are.


If you’re in what is considered a ‘green zone’, all you need to do it apply for a permit from the government website before you head over the border.


If you’re in the ‘orange zone’, you must apply for a border permit as well as taking a COVID-19 test within the first 72 hours of your arrival in the state.


You’ll need to isolate before you take the test and after until you receive a negative result.


Ahh, if you’re in the red zone then I have bad news for you.

Unless you have an exemption, if you’ve been in the red zone over the last 14 days you will be turned away from the border.

If you arrive by air or sea from a red zone and you don’t have an exemption, you’ll get a $4, 957 fine and you’ll have to isolate for 14 days to think about what you’ve done!!

The zones are put under daily review, so they’re constantly changing but currently, Greater Sydney and Brisbane are in the RED.


You can check the zones here to find out where you stand.

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