A Chinese tourist has returned home from Bali after reportedly returning a positive test for Coronavirus.

It’s a worrying sign for the Indonesian island, which relies on heavy tourism.

It comes as two more Chinese tourists are isolated at Denpasar’s Sanglah Hospital.

Authorities in Bali are saying that due to the 14 day incubation period for Coronavirus, it’s unlikely that the tourist, who returned home, was infected in Bali.

Bali health authorities have now vowed to trace all the places visited in Bali by the tourist.

Bali Provincial Health Agency chief, Ketut Suarjaya said “I think there is a small possibility that he was infected by the virus before he visited Bali.’’

“However, we will recheck all the facts. We will follow up the information.


“We will trace all the places he had visited. Of course, we will raise our alert,” Ketut said.

Immigration officials have refused entry to Bali for 85 foreigners who have visited mainland China in the past 14 days.