Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and Foreign Affair Officials are working alongside Norway after the nation experienced a number of deaths of elderly people who had taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Extra checks on vaccine safety are now in motion however they will not delay its rollout in Australia according to Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly.

According to 7News, Australian officials are attempting to uncover more details behind the deaths to make sure we’re safe as they roll it out here.

“They do point out … that in Norway in a normal week 400 people do pass away in their aged care facilities, so this has to be put in the context of what has happened after people have received vaccines,” Professor Kelly told reporters in Canberra.

“It will not delay the process, but the TGA is doing its due diligence as we expect them to do.”

With pressure to open international borders, the vaccine distribution will play a huge factor.

“In terms of how that might change into the future, large and effective rollout of vaccination in would increase our protection, which would be of value,” Kelly said.


As of the latest update, Aussies can expect the first round of vaccines as early as next month.

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