The next 14 days are critical as NSW continues to “mop up” from two coronavirus outbreaks in Greater Sydney, health authorities say.

Thousands of residents from the northern part of Sydney’s north beaches celebrated “Freedom Day” on Sunday after being stuck in lockdown since before Christmas.

But it wasn’t all good news, with NSW recording three new coronavirus cases.

All are close contacts that contact tracers missed who were active in the community while infectious.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters the cases were a reminder of the need to stay on high alert.

“The main threat has to some extent subsided, (but) we are still mopping up,” she said.

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant echoed the premier’s call, asking the community to keep testing rates high as health authorities sought out the remaining strands of the outbreaks.


“These next 14 days is going to be pivotal,” she said.

“We need to maintain those numbers well above the 25,000 that we’ve been achieving and sustain that for the next 14 days.”

Dr Chant said Sunday’s three new cases were only recently identified by contact tracers as close contacts.

“As you can imagine, people do their best in giving us a history of who attended their house or who they had contact with (but) there are always times where that fails,” she said.

A number of new venues, including the Costco in Casula and Myer in Bankstown, have been declared potential exposure sites.

Late on Sunday, NSW Health also issued a health alert for Bankstown Central Shopping Centre over two separate days, as well as a Service NSW site in Bankstown and a Thai supermarket at Marrickville.


Anyone who visited these venues at specific times must get tested immediately and self-isolate until they receive a negative result.