Think your day couldn’t get any worse? Spare a thought for this bloke!

A man who dislocated his shoulder while trying to put out a house fire has been arrested after police discovered a hydroponic crop in his home, and illegal electricity being diverted.

Emergency services responded to reports of smoke coming from the Adelaide just after 8am on Sunday 25 August.

When police arrived, smoke was seen coming from the roof of the house and MFS crews quickly extinguished the fire before it caused major damage.

The man sustained a dislocated shoulder while trying to put the fire out and was taken to Modbury Hospital for treatment.

On investigation, police discovered cannabis being grown hydroponically in two rooms of the home. Police also found that electricity had been illegally diverted at the property which is believed to have caused the fire.

Police seized 31 cannabis plants, 87 cannabis seedlings and hydroponic equipment.

The occupant, a 52-year-old man, was arrested and charged with cultivating a large commercial quantity of cannabis, possessing prescribed equipment and diverting electricity.


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