It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25-years since arguably one of the BEST sitcoms (yes, we’ll fight you on that one) hit our TV Screens – the one and only FRIENDS.

But thankfully, overtime the cult classic hasn’t dwindled in popularity and in actuality it’s almost gained more and more attention as the years go on!

We’ve seen re-runs playing constantly, trivia nights dedicated to the happenings of the six New York City friends and now we’ve even got a magnificent merch range on the way!

Big W has announced that in celebration of the show’s milestone that they will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE FRIENDS themed womenswear range!

They’ve got tees, PJs and a hoodie featuring various FRIENDS related designs, including the Central Perk logo and iconic quotes from the show.

Not only that but they’re actually SUPER CHEAP! Prices for the range start at $15 so you can bet we’ll be running like Phoebe into our closest store ASAP.



You can also grab the complete 10 season DVD box set so you can binge the show while wearing your merch!

The range lands in Big W stores this TOMORROW (Thursday 18 July)!