If you’re an avid Facebook user, you would be familiar with the popular quizzes that pop up on your newsfeed regularly.

From quizzes determining whether your sister is a ‘bad influence’ to others guessing your favourite holiday destination, Facebook is swarmed with them. While they may appear innocent at first glance, in some cases, they are the complete opposite.

In recent years, there has been a spate of pages created by hackers with the sole purpose of obtaining your personal data to open lines of credit in your name.

They will often ask you a series of personal questions to gather your data, under the pretence that they are merely figuring out the answer to the ‘quiz’ you’re completing.

Before you type your first pet’s name or mother’s maiden name into a social media quiz, think again.


Montana Sergeant Travis Munter told KWYB that someone may be “on the other end” of the quiz, collecting your data and using it maliciously.

It’s also important to note that rarely does the information you input just disappear.

“Giving away information about yourself, your likes and preferences, can lead to all kinds of unexpected consequences,” investigative reporter and cybercriminal expert Brian Krebs told the publication.

If you are easily manipulated by online quizzes, then hackers may be able to create fake profiles in your name or even go so far as to steal your identity.

“Simply, don’t take any online quizzes, Sam Curry, chief security officer for cybersecurity specialists Cybereason told The Sun.

“Seriously, are you doing it to impress someone? No one cares.


“There’s no win, so move on from the bait on the trap because you aren’t impressing anyone, and why risk having personally identifiable information stolen?”

Your identity is far more important than a Facebook quiz. Protect it.