Well everyone, it’s officially July 1 and not only does that mean the start of a new financial year, but here in NSW it also means a lot of changes to our current coronavirus restrictions.

From today (Wednesday July 1) we can now do a lot more across the state with this being the biggest lift of coronavirus restrictions for us so far.

Cinemas, theatres, performance halls, theme parks, show grounds, strip clubs and brothels will be allowed to reopen with a four square metre social distancing rule in place.

Pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes will no longer have maximum limits as long as the four square metre rule applies.

So what else is changing and what isn’t? Here’s a list of everything that you can do in NSW according to the government website:

Visiting family and friends at home:
– You can have up to 20 visitors in your home at one time, including adults and children.
– There is no daily limit on the amount of visitors you can have, as long as the number doesn’t exceed 20 at one time
– You may have visitors stay overnight

Outdoor public gatherings:
– No more than 20 people can gather outside in a public space


Travel and holidays:
– There are no restrictions surrounding travel within NSW and you may travel around the state for a holiday
– Up to 20 people can stay in a holiday home or rental together. You may have more than 20 people if they are all members of the same household

Community sporting activities

– Community sport and training sessions may recommence, but organisers must have a COVID-19 safety plan for any activities involving over 20 participants (including players, people training, officials and spectators)
– The maximum number of participants at one time is 500 people

Funerals, memorial services and wakes
– There is no maximum number of people that can attend a funeral but the four square metre rule must apply
– Places of worship, runners homes of crematoriums can have up to 50 people
– Funerals at a place of residence can have 50 people or one person per 4 square metres of space

Religious gatherings and places of worship
– The number of people in a public place of worship must not exceed one person per four square metres

– The maximum number of people in attendance is the maximum number of people allowed on a premises with the four square metre rule in place