The Herald Sun is reporting that Westfield Southland in Melbourne has “become overrun with rats”.

Shop owners and shoppers alike are disgusted at the year-long infestation that’s seen “giant” rats scurry in front of customers.

Shopper Vicki Carroll told the paper:

“I was with a girlfriend enjoying a cappuccino and all of a sudden a huge rat ran across the floor … I looked over at other tables and they saw it too,” she said.

“The waitress said they were aware of the problem and they were disinfecting everything and covering the food … she was very good about it, you could tell they were very concerned.”

In response, Westfield said:

“We conduct regular and proactive pest control inspections using professional contractors,” their statement said.


“Given some recent reported sightings at the centre, we have asked our pest control contractors to work with us and our retail partners to conduct additional inspections over and above our regular pest control program, this includes increased pest control servicing around loading docks and waste areas”.