Australian Open tennis players are finally leaving hotel quarantine, however for some, it is a different story – and they are not impressed.

As part of the COVID safe plan, the release is being staggered. The process began overnight on Thursday evening and will end on Sunday afternoon.

For those who are being required to wait the extra day, it has only disgruntled further after an already difficult fortnight.

American player Tennys Sandgren was one star who took a shot at organisers after being forced to spend an extra day confined in his hotel room.

Sandgren made headlines before arriving in Australia after testing positive to coronavirus before his flight, but was given permission to fly after the case was declared to be shedding.


“I just found out we’re not able to leave the room until midnight tomorrow,” he said in an Instagram story.

“That will put us close to 15 days in this room. It’s also another day we can’t practice. We play Saturday, Sunday, Monday, play a match on Tuesday. A competitive tennis match.

“My name’s Tennis Australia and I’m sooooo cool.”

Another player Oksana Kalashnikova has also been caught up in the delay and took to Twitter to share her frustration.


Despite the criticism from some, Tennis Australia and the Victorian Government has received support from competitors for its quarantine system.

Rafael Nadal recently told CNN he was feeling “privileged” to play considering the global circumstances.

Serena Williams also told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that whilst things were “super, super strict” in Australia, “they’re doing it right.”

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