Health authorities in NSW are urging travellers & locals to make sure they are vaccinated against measles following a spike in the potentially deadly disease.

A total of 36 people have been diagnosed with measles in NSW since December – most of whom have returned or entered Australia from overseas.

NSW Health on Thursday launched a new campaign targeting overseas visitors, Australian travellers heading abroad and international students who may be heading home for the holidays.

“Many overseas travellers may be exposed to the disease despite not travelling to a country where it is currently endemic simply by coming into contact with a fellow traveller in the airport or on a transit flight,” Dr Vicky Sheppeard said in a statement.

“Measles virus can stay in the air for short periods of time, so if people enter a room shortly after an infected person has left, they could still become infected.”

Authorities are also reaching out to childcare centres across the state, with a reminder that anyone born in or after 1966 is eligible for up to two doses of the vaccine for free.

WSFM 101.7 Sydney