There have been some kanga-rumours that Sydney’s WILD LIFE Zoo is hosting the party of the season.

In celebration of World Animal Day, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is hosting the ultimate party for its residents. With delicious food and a roaring guestlist, this party has all the koalafications to be a great one.

To satisfy the guests’ stomachs as they unleash their wild side, zookeepers have called in Deliveroo to provide treats for all the animals including; a specially prepared chicken from Sydney’s iconic, Charcoal Charlies, for Rocky the 4.2-metre-long Croc and a seasonal fruit platter for Princess the giant (and let’s not forget seriously sassy and quite the fussy eater) Cassowary.

Whether it’s a pouch potato of hay for Dot, Dusk and Dawn the resident Kangaroos or a peanut butter icy pole for Davey the Quokka, rest assured each guest will receive a ZOO-pendous delivery of their favourite food.

This special party has been designed to bring much-needed attention to the crucial conservation efforts at the Zoo.