Parents in Sydney’s east are up in arms after a shirtless man turned a children’s playground into his own personal gym during a public workout session. 

The man was captured blasting loud music while performing planking exercises next to children playing at Steyne Park’s gated playground area in Double Bay.

“I thought maybe he had a kid here and was just doing some exercise on the side,” one woman told Daily Mail Australia.

“That would have been slightly more acceptable, [it was] the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Why would you do that?”

Steyne Park Playground, Double Bay

A father who had taken his children to the park admitted to feeling uncomfortable having his kids there during the man’s workout.

“The dad went over and said ‘mate, is there anywhere else for you to work out?’ and asked him to leave.


“The guy said he was nearly finished anyway and just carried on doing chin ups with the play equipment.”

Is this inappropriate behaviour or should we all be able to share the playground equipment?

Check out the footage here