Scott Morrison held a press conference to relay decisions being made by the cabinet during their meeting today.

Revealing the national skeleton plan on how to proceed in its next steps, recovering from COVID-19 and re-connecting with the rest of the world.

ScoMo revealed a 4 part roll-out plan that the government plans to implement, “Winning now means we suppress the virus as best as we can.”


Phase one involves lockdowns to only be used as a last resort, this sentiment was echoed in NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s press conference earlier this morning.

The government wants to increase international repatriation, which means allowing Australian citizens back into their country by using Howard Springs as a channel to filter citizens through.

Finally, the government wants to look at alternative quarantine options using science-based results found in the power of vaccination.


Home quarantining and reduced quarantining options may become available to those who have had their shots, with studies revealing that individuals who have had one half of their vaccine and quarantines for seven days are found to be more effective than someone who has had zero vaccinations and quarantines for the full 14 days!

So pretty much phase one involves trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated if “Australia gets vaccinated, Australia is able to live differently.”


Phase Two will be implemented once a certain figure of immunised people in Australia is reached!

This number is yet to be announced, ScoMo reiterated that the figure will not be chosen based on politics but entirely on science.

Phase two will revolve around seeking “to minimise serious illness, hospitalisation and fatality from COVID-19.”

We may see an easing of restrictions and border controls, implementing vaccine booster programs, allowing higher levels of international arrivals of both unvaccinated and vaccinated travellers, visa holders, and students.


Phase three sees the nation attempt to normalise COVID-19 as the global community has with other diseases and infections.

Attempting to manage the virus “like the flu, or arguable better… So when it is like the flu, we should treat it like the flu.”

Phase three will hopefully see no lockdowns, no restrictions on returning vaccinated travellers, higher caps on visa holders, and extending the travel bubble to candidate countries.


Ultimately as the final phase, Phase four involves moving “completely back to normal”.

The ‘new’ normal may include pre and post-flight testing and quarantine for the unvaccinated.

However, this phase is entirely dependant on how the earlier phases roll out and nothing is set in concrete.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison left us with “We get this done, Australia and you can see what’s on the other side.”

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