Scammers are targeting Aussie Netflix customers with an email scam aimed at getting their bank account details.

The email, which has been designed to appear like a genuine message from Netflix, tells the recipient that payment for their “Netflix subscription has been cancelled” and provides a link for customers to ‘reactivate’ their account. They are then taken to a Netflix branded phishing page.

Users are then asked to enter their Netflix account and credit card details. Once completed, their Netflix username, password, and credit card details are swiftly handed over to the scammer.

While the email looks almost identical to a message sent by Netflix, there are several red flags that it is a scam. For instance, there are numerous grammatical errors, such as “we have never been able to solve the payment problem”. There is also a footnote containing instructions in French at the bottom of the email.

These emails generally use a display name of ‘Netflix’, with the name part of the address being ‘’.


MailGuard urges all recipients of this email to delete it immediately without clicking on any links.