Qantas will divert flights to avoid Iranian airspace following a missile attack on two US-led military bases in Iraq.

The US Federal Aviation Authority on Wednesday also barred US airliners from flying over Iraq and Iranian airspace in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.

The FAA said it issued the ban “due to heightened military activities and increased political tensions in the Middle East, which present an inadvertent risk to US civil aviation operations”.

Qantas’ non-stop flights between Perth and London are the only route affected, the airline said.

However, some passengers due on the QF9 Perth to London leg will be bumped to save fuel as the flight will take 50 minutes longer, a Qantas spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Singapore Airlines has also said it will divert all flights from Iranian Airspace.

Iran launched more than a dozen missiles on two US-led bases, in Erbil in northern Iraq and Al-Assad in the west, in response to the killing of Tehran’s most senior military leader Qasem Soleimani.