A professional cuddle therapist has been accused of sexual misconduct after her nipple allegedly ended up in a client’s mouth for five minutes.

A qualified masseuse from Arizona reportedly charges $80 for a ‘cuddling session’. However, she was reported to the Arizona State Board of Massage after having four sessions with a client who expressed a desire for nudity.

ABC 15 report that the complainant explained her dream to be held naked by a woman. The cuddle therapist agreed to do it, as long as she kept quiet about it. It was during the fourth session that the woman reportedly got undressed and invited the client to rest her head on her breasts.

“She then told me to suck her nipple,” the complainant told the Arizona Republic.

“I am channeling nurturing energy to you through my breast.”

However, the professional masseuse claims it was the client who initiated the consensual mouth-to-breast contact. The client reportedly thanked her for the sessions and appeared in good spirits afterwards.

The complainant says that it was only after she got home that she realised the ‘severity’ of what had happened.


Local police were contacted, but they told the woman nothing illegal had happened. She has now sought legal advice.

Cuddling therapy in Arizona, as in many other US states, remains unregulated.