One of Sydney’s most prestigious schools has banned the use of mobile phones in a move revolutionising modern education.

Students at The King’s School in North Parramatta are banned from using all electronic devices during school hours.

Since the ban’s introduction, students have been more active and social.

Deputy Head Master Stephen Edwards initiated the change after recognising the lack of interaction between students.

“We have a beautiful environment and we wanted the boys to engage with that environment and engage with each other,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

He added, “One of the housemasters said it was the first time in years that the cricket bat has come out and all of a sudden the boys were doing things together and they weren’t sitting on their phones.”

The private K-12 school joins Ravenswood School for Girls, Newington College and Meriden in adopting the ban.


While mobile phones are not prohibited on school grounds, they are required to be switched off during class, lunch, and recess. This also includes the use of laptops and smart watches.

The NSW Government has announced it would ban the possession of phones in primary schools from this year.