A photo was shared from inside the venue at a ‘Human Nature’ concert in Sydney on Saturday night.

The photo has sparked outrage online because it shows the venue hosting roughly 1200 people and none are wearing masks!

The Rooty Hill venue, ‘The Coliseum’ theatre is situated in Sydney’s Western suburbs which have been a little bit of a hot spot for new cases in the last few days.

The original Twitter poster @kate_cole_ wrote, “This photo was taken last night inside the @sydneycoliseum theatre.”

“I realise that new rules didn’t come into effect until midnight last night … but COVID doesn’t follow public health orders.”


NSW Opposition Leader Jodie Mckay re-tweeted the image with some facts to follow; “No social distancing, very few masks and a predominantly older audience.”

Twitter user Kirsty shared her experience at the venue, claiming they were not following social-distancing protocol.


With venues running at reduced capacity, News.com reported that 1350 tickets were sold to the event in a venue that hosts 2000.

The venue clarified that 150 people asked for refunds so there were roughly 1200 people at the venue, which means it was well under capacity.

Ticketek sent our alerts to ticketholders 24 hours before the event recommending masks however clarifying they weren’t compulsory.



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