A woman has broken down in tears after a group of climate change protesters blocked her from reaching the home of her late mother who passed away on Sunday.

The woman, named Sally, was captured by A Current Affair crying in her car trying to pass the Extinction Rebellion protestors.

Her mother had passed away two days earlier after being in palliative care, and Sally was subsequently on her way to her late mother’s home to organise things.

“Dad passed away 10 months ago and Mum passed away on Sunday at home in that building,” she said.

“I’m supposed to be there having hospital beds picked up, mats picked up, lifting machines picked up. I heard that these d**kheads were here yesterday so I rescheduled it, and I’ve come along this morning [and] they’re here again!”

When told that the crowd was protesting “for the environment” and “civil disobedience” was their motive, she responded with: “F***ing environment. People are more important!”

She added, “They think it’s so important but what is important is the everyday, good Australian people just trying to go about their everyday lives. It’s not fair.


“I brought one of my dogs because I didn’t want to come to the house alone as it is and now I just can’t even get to the house. It’s just disgusting.”

A Current Affair crew informed the crowd of Sally’s current predicament and they were quick to make space for her to get through.

However, one protester jumped in front of her car to stop her before they were swiftly moved away letting Sally through.

The Extinction Rebellion movement are doing a “spring rebellion” all week, which includes marches and other protests aimed at blocking traffic.