It might only be Spring but by the looks of things we could be getting some Summer weather across the long weekend!

The officially forecast is in and temperatures are set to soar by the end of this week.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology on Twitter, a hot airmass is building in Western Australia and is expected to extend east across South Australia, north west Victoria and into New South Wales.

As a result, Sydney is expecting above average temperatures on Friday and Sunday.

The BOM has said that Penrith may even hit a sweltering 37 degrees on Sunday! The same area is also due to enter the 30s on Friday and Monday, while Saturday will be a lot cooler sitting at about 23 degrees and cloudy.


The Sydney CBD won’t be as hot but can still expect some high temperatures on Friday, sitting at 29 degrees! This will cool down to 21 on Saturday and a comfortable 26 on Sunday and 25 on Monday.

This news comes as the BOM has said that we are expecting an abnormally hot period for the end of the year.

“The temperature outlook for October to December suggest that days are very likely to remain warmer than average across Australia,” said BOM Senior Climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins via Yahoo News.

“The month of October has a high chance of being drier than average for virtually the entire country. This also means there’s an increased chance of early heatwaves and windy days will see higher fire danger,” Dr Watkins added.