A paramedic has been left with a broken eye socket after being headbutted by a man twice his size.

“My kids see me come home with black eyes and they don’t understand. I go to work and my family doesn’t know if I’ll come home tonight,” Andrew Wilson told Daily Mail Australia.

The 36-year-old was called to a domestic dispute at approximately 1am on Sunday when he was reportedly confronted by a drunk 130kg man.

While nobody was injured, the man’s partner asked Wilson to escort him out, prompting him to radio for police assistance.

“I told them he’s a big guy and it’s going to escalate, he’s going to lose his s**t, can we get the police here now,” the paramedic said.

The 6ft man then proceeded to kick down a security screen and run through the window out of the house towards the paramedic.

“He grabbed me by the shoulders and put his head through my head. He just destroyed me, I fell down to the ground dazed and confused,” he said.


Officers managed to control the man, and the paramedic was taken to hospital.

The father-of-two suffered a concussion and a fractured eye socket.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he has been attacked on the job. Just six months earlier, he was headbutted again by a drunk patient in a hospital emergency department. Wilson broke his nose but the man was let off with a six month good behaviour bond.

“I’m sick of paramedics being punching bags. We get abused three or four times a day, mostly verbally but too often also physically,” he said.

“Anyone I know will say I’m the mellowest guy, I don’t aggravate anyone, but this happens all the time anyway.”