The parents of a one-year-old girl are furious after a NSW hospital failed to detect that she had a broken neck after a car crash. 

Lorelei Bellchambers was involved in a head-on collision with her mother last Monday. The pair were admitted to Wyong Hospital and discharged five hours later despite the one-year-old being in excruciating pain.

“She needed that scan, she needed that scan done,” her mother Elise told 7NEWS, recalling her insistence that doctors conduct a full examination on her daughter.

A day later, an ambulance took Lorelei back to the same hospital before being transferred to Gosford hospital. She was immediately examined by a surgeon and a neck brace was applied. That night, she was put in an induced coma so that she wouldn’t move, and flown to Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

Lorelei had fractured her C1 and C2 vertebrae at the top of her spine.


The one-year-old, who is three months away from turning two, must now spend the next six weeks in a half-body brace and faces the possibility of permanent spine damage, which may affect her ability to walk in the future.

A full investigation into the matter is currently underway.