A NSW grandmother has been threatened with a $220 fine for advertising a garage sale.

Sue Chidget, from East Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, was reportedly on her way to put up a ‘garage sale’ sign with her seven-year-old grandson when she was stopped by a ranger.

“I had my hammer in my hand and my sign and was holding onto my grandson’s hand crossing the road and he pulled up and smiled at me and then I saw his badge,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

She was told that if she put up the sign he would fine her on the spot.

She ended up just putting the sign on her car, and raised $43 for her grandson.

“We just want to put up a little sign for the garage sale for half the day,” she said, before questioning why politicians were allowed to put up signs for the election and she couldn’t.

Central Coast Council’s website reads: “Council Rangers monitor and regulate in accordance with legislation, unauthorised activities and structures on public land, such as advertising and signage, roadside trading and street stalls, busking and camping.”