An Elvis impersonator has been sentenced to 10 months jail after stealing a parrot from a pet store in Parkes, NSW.

The hand-raised green Eclectus Parrot named Horace was owned by the pet store’s owner, and was valued at $2500.

It is believed the 44-year-old grabbed Horace by the legs and placed him in a bag, leaving the store.

He was identified through circulation of the CCTV footage.

Officers reported that a witness stated the man had changed his appearance by cutting his long hair the day after the bird was stolen.

At the time of his arrest, he was under investigation by the RSPCA and police requested his bail to allow authorised officers to enter his property, and any other property he kept any animals or livestock on, to check on the welfare of the animals.

Despite rigorous attempts to rehabilitate the bird after four months of neglect, Mr White was unable to return him to his former good health and unfortunately, Horace passed away.

(Source: Forbes Advocate)