A mother has abandoned her baby boy after being told that he would be born without eyes.

The Russian baby was born with a rare condition characterised by the abnormal development of the eyes. Other than that, the little boy is completely healthy, despite doctors confirming that he will never be able to see.

The anonymous mother was reportedly made aware of the baby’s disability late in her pregnancy, and didn’t believe she could provide her son with the necessary assistance he would need.

Born with an extreme form of SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome, the little boy is one of only three babies registered in the world born without eyes, and is considered “unique” considering that most babies born with the condition suffer from other ailments.

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Loving home needed for unique baby born with no eyes. Little Sasha is the third registered case in the world but ‘alone in being otherwise completely healthy'. Read more in The Siberian Times UPDATE: Please see contacts for the Family and Children Department of Tomsk region, we believe they are the first ones to be phoned/emailed.  Chief of department is Margarita Shapareva, their address is 72 Tverskaya street, Tomsk; phone number is +7 3822 71-39-98, email dep-sem@tomsk.gov.ru This is the link to Sasha's profile: http://www.usynovite.ru/child/?id=cknko-w5c0 Sasha is initially up for adoption with Russian parents, but if no-one suitable comes forward, he will go to foreign parents. Currently there are restrictions to adoptions to the US.  This is the link to all relevant administrative bodies you might later need to inquire about Sasha –  sadly it is only in Russian: http://www.usynovite.ru/contacts/?region=73  Hoping this helps,  With best wishes from Siberia, Team The Siberian Times

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Since his birth in April, surgeons have implanted tiny eye orbs to ensure his face is not deformed as he grows.

The young boy is currently up for adoption to Russian parents. However, if nobody comes forward, he could be adopted by foreign guardians, depending on visa restrictions.