More NSW schools have received online threats that have disrupted students doing their HSC biology exam.

The NSW Education Standards Authority said Wednesday morning’s biology exam was interrupted after numerous schools received a threatening email.

They follow hoax emails containing bomb threats sent to about 20 NSW high schools on Tuesday, which led to thousands of Sydney HSC students having to abandon exams as schools were evacuated.

Wednesday afternoon’s exams – agriculture, classical Greek continuers, Japanese beginners and modern Greek beginners – would continue as scheduled unless students were advised otherwise by their school, NESA said in a statement.

If an exam was interrupted for 40 minutes or more at a school, students would be dismissed and would not have to re-sit the exam, NESA said.

If an exam was delayed by an hour or more it would also be abandoned and affected students would not do the exam.

The affected schools would submit group applications on behalf of their students asking for special consideration for illness and misadventure.


Earlier, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said Tuesday’s threats were being investigated by the Cyber Crimes Squad.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the stunt was “a disgrace, not a funny prank” and warned severe penalties would be applied when the culprit was caught.

The main exams affected were legal studies and visual arts in the morning, but most afternoon exams went ahead as planned.

Ms Mitchell said any HSC student whose exam was disrupted by an evacuation would get special consideration when it was marked.