The tax office has revealed some of the most outrageous claims that have been lodged at tax time.

Almost 700,000 taxpayers tried to claim about $2 billion of ‘other’ expenses in the 2017 financial year.

We’re talking weddings, beer and even LEGO sets.

Australian Taxation Office assistant commissioner Karen Foat revealed some of the unusual stuff people have attempted to claim to the ABC.

“We have also seen a previous example where a taxpayer tried to claim wedding expenses of approximately $58,000, claiming this was in relation to a work-related overseas conference,” she said.

“He fraudulently claimed $33,087 in his return, and $25,259 in his wife’s. This second taxpayer was prosecuted.”

Other claims that were ultimately rejected:

  • LEGO sets
  • Gambling losses
  • Costs of a daughter’s first birthday
  • Phone bill for calling parents
  • The cost of buying a car for your mother
  • $20,000 for raising twins
  • Beer
  • Everyday living expenses such as food, rent and mortgage payments

“A couple of taxpayers claimed dental expenses, believing a nice smile was essential to finding a job — and was therefore deductible,” Ms Foat said.

“It isn’t and their claims were disallowed.”

“Generally, if it’s something allowable we will ask for a record to prove the expense. If it’s not allowable, we will ask why did you make this claim, explain to them why it’s not allowable, and still remove the claim,” Ms Foat said.

“With the outlandish claim, we just remove the claim and the person might end up with a tax bill.”

ABC News