It feels like the start of 2020 all over again, we’re slowly losing our beloved Kikki.K as they struggle to sell their products during the lockdown.

This comes as a surprise to me, with the influx of home-workers wouldn’t adorable stationary and notebooks sales be through the roof?

The Australian Financial Review, co-founders Kristina Karisson and Paul Lacy penned a letter to their own staff bearing the bad news.

“Today is a sad day. Writing this note together is a sad task and we still can’t quite believe it’s happening – again.”

“It’s yet another tough moment in our amazing journey together and we understand and deeply regret that there will profound impacts for many of our amazing team members and our partners, suppliers and shareholders.”

“The loss of revenue from the forced and extended closure of so many of our stores due to the COVID pandemic as part of the government ordered lockdowns has taken a direct massive and insurmountable toll.”

“To be clear, this result has been a direct consequence of the pandemic and the unprecedented, devastating financial consequences of past and current store lockdowns, and the prospect and risk of extended closures with no clear end in sight.”


“It has simply not been possible to get through such a seismic event outside of our control.”

“It’s been a massive battle for business survival in recent months… We’ve taken numerous urgent steps to find a way through but the sheer impact and magnitude of lot sales due to COVID lockdowns and the risks for directors associated with continuing to trade with such significant uncertainty ahead gave no choice.”

“It’s devastating that the pandemic has had this impact on the business.”

With 36 stores across Australia and New Zealand many many people have already lost their jobs with more to come as stores close and the company trades solely online until administrators figure out what comes next.

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