Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (aka K Rudd, the Ruddsta, Kevin ’07, handball king of 2013), has apparently decided he needed a career change and merged right into Uber driving…

…by accident.

K Rudd’s daughter, Jessica Rudd, tweeted out the hilarious situation when ‘some people piled into his car’ as they mistook his car for their Uber while he was looking for a car park.

Firstly, why weren’t his doors locked? Secondly, what car does he drive that it could be mistaken? A holden sedan?

Rudd dropped his family off at a restaurant while he went in search of a car park in the rain. In his search, a group of people mistook the car for a ride-share, opened up the passenger doors and jumped in, asking to go to Hastings St (the main st of Noosa).


But the best part is that Kevin ’07 didn’t protest or kick them out! He drove them to the main street!

Kevin confirmed the bizarre situations saying the ‘four young Melburnians’ were getting a soaking. ‘What’s a man to do?…I hope they’ve had some fun up here.’ You’re an absolute mad-mad Kev!

“Guilty as charged. Four young Melburnians getting drenched in a Queensland subtropical downpour at Noosa last night with no Uber in sight… So what’s a man to do? Good kids. I hope they’ve had some fun up here.” Kevin said in a tweet.

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