“It never would have crossed my mind that he was going to die, and it probably wouldn’t have crossed his mind that he would die on a job site.”

“As a mother you pray that your children come home safe because they are driving, they’ve finally got their licenses and that’s all you pray for,” Patrizia Cassaniti spoke candidly to Jonesy & Amanda, recalling the moment she realised her son was gone.

“Keep them safe, get home, drive slowly, but it doesn’t cross your mind that you would send them to work and they don’t come home.”

In April, 18-year-old apprentice Christopher Cassaniti was crushed to death after 15m high scaffolding collapsed on him and a co-worker at a construction site in Macquarie Park.

Paramedics were initially unable to reach Christopher who was trapped under rubble. He was pronounced dead at the scene a few hours after the incident.

“We still haven’t heard what happened to our son and we probably won’t be hearing anything until next year,” his parents Patrizia and Rob Cassaniti explained when asked whether they know why the deadly scaffolding fell.


“Every time we touch on it, they say ‘give us a few more months.'”

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Our Journey so far in bringing awareness of the importance of Safety on the Jobsite… my Mascot, Chris Toolbox Teddy and Rob Cassaniti come with me to support. My message needs loads of courage to even deliver and it comes as a grieving mum…. the message is important because I don’t want anymore deaths or anyone to have to go through this agony of losing a loved one, let alone a Child at work. IT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED… my message is to make the individual worker realise that it’s also their own responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe and be able to Speak up without fear of being victimised. To also slap the thought of “I’ll be right mate. !!!” And. “It won’t happen to me” . Please for the love of GOD look after yourselves. STOP ….SPEAK UP AND SAVE LIVES #christopherslaw #touchedbychristopher #construction #safetyfirst #constructionworker #constructionmanagement

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The grieving family of Christopher has joined forces for a wonderful initiative – Touched By Christopher.

Touched By Christopher aims to reach families within the first week of losing a loved one on a Construction Site in NSW, with the ability to provide financial support acquired by the Foundation via donations. This will include financially helping with Utilities up to the value of $1500, and providing vouchers based on $10 per person per day for three months of groceries. This allows the family to grieve their loved ones without the burden of necessary bills.

You can learn more about Touched By Christopher on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the heartbreaking interview above.