It used to be considered cutting edge technology, but in 2019 is the humble voicemail obsolete?

Since it’s original incarnation as the old school answering machine through to the modern day voice mail function on our mobile phones, leaving a recorded message is something we’ve all used, but it appears it might be on the way out.

With the popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Doc Chat, a Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey found in 2016, 27% of Aussies made fewer than one call a week and would prefer using text-based communication instead.

Experts believe text-based communication is more popular among younger uses.

Professor Robert Hassan from the University of Melbourne studies the interaction between computers and humans told SMH:

“Voicemail is no longer seen as appropriate or relevant to the younger generation… It takes time, it’s clunky and people don’t want to communicate like that anymore,” 

It rings true, the immediacy of a text is far superior to the annoyance of a voicemail, which usually just contains information that could have been sent to you in a text anyway.


Plus, a voicemail is limited in what it can deliver, as Monash lecturer Dr Brady Robards explained to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Texting is easier and sometimes can be more rich. You can send links, photos, videos, and other kinds of content.”

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