One of the heroes who first stepped in to stop the alleged Sydney knifeman has publicly spoken out about the ordeal, including the moment his brother and a stranger bravely held down a knife-wielding man using a milk crate and chairs.

At about 2pm on Tuesday afternoon, a woman was stabbed by a man wielding a knife near the corner of King and Clarence Street. She is in a stable condition in hospital.

The body of a 21-year-old woman was also later found in a unit on Clarence Street, with one man confirmed by police as the sole suspect in relation to both incidents.

The man was eventually arrested after being detained by witnesses using whatever they could to hold him down.

One of the heroes, Paul O’Shaughnessy, spoke with Jonesy & Amanda this morning to describe exactly what was going through his minds when he and his brother Luke performed the heroic act of bravery.

“We’ve got a recruitment firm on King Street, and the window was slightly ajar… We heard a woman screaming and… you might have seen the vivid picture of the guy on top of the bonnet,” he said of the alleged attacker.

It was at that moment that the brothers rushed down to help.


Once O’Shaughnessy arrived at the scene, he assessed the situation to determine whether he was dealing with somebody who had self-harmed or something more sinister. When he realised it was the latter, his “fear kind of kicked in”, sparking him to attempt to contain the situation.

“We didn’t even think, we just acted along with four or five others and chased this guy, and managed to be part of containing this guy so he wouldn’t cause damage to anybody else.”

Despite his courageous act, O’Shaughnessy doesn’t see himself as a “hero”.

“My brother actually jumped on him without even knowing whether he had a vest on, explosives, or anything in that situation, as well as the others, and to me, they are the real heroes.”

The 21-year-old accused is expected to be charged with murder as well as serious assault, according to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and AAP.


It’s believed that the accused acted alone and that there are no links to terrorist organisations.

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